Posted By Kurnal @ 5:26 am August 30, 2016

Hilarious rants brought to you by Rational Opinions, high as fuck homies who are lit as hell.

Custom T-Shirts would be really cool.

Posted By Kurnal @ 5:24 am August 30, 2016

I read the The Things They Carried in three days and did all of my precalc yesterday AIGHT. Also I made my APUSH essay more lit so I am actually really productive you little chiken wrap. AND TF YOU MEAN I WAIT, bruh I am mute as shit the entire day. I come alive at the nighttime because Im nocturnal af. Id rather eat my caramel apple popcorn yo. ALSO you ever heard of periods? Your last roast really needs some. And even more so, MY ORANGE SWEATSHIRT PASSED AWAY 😭😭 insensitive pale limey person :(

Posted By Melon @ 5:07 am August 30, 2016

damn straight it’s cool when I sleep and weak when you do cause unlike you I actually accomplish things throughout the day while you just sit waiting for me to respond so you can post on this site BRUH you lamer than jake anyway wouldn’t be surprised if you wrote some jams bout your fave orange sweatshirt, really wouldn’t be talking if I were you.. hmm what a great thing that would be.

Posted By Kurnal @ 5:03 am August 30, 2016

So basically when your sour grape face sleeps its ok, but when I sleep it’s weak. BRUH you stole all your roasts from Jacob Santorious. HES LEGIT THE LAMEST KID, making your roast even lamer because you had to steal a roast. The fact that you had to steal a roast makes you an uncreative grapefruit. You birch sandwich k’ing daughter of a lime, you need to set a better example for youngns like me

Posted By Melon @ 4:52 am August 30, 2016

ok so like so what if sometimes people enjoy rest. and cantaloupes are fricking delicious. they bomb when ripe asf and yk I bet these fruits needa get their beauty sleep to ripen to their fullest potential, so like while we be riping, some of y’all be rotting into some crusty ass sweet potatoes.

disregard the time stamp

Posted By Kurnal @ 4:42 am August 30, 2016

Ashley’s Deep Dark Secret: For the past few days, she has been falling asleep at 10:30 like a weak ass cantaloupe.

Posted By Kurnal @ 10:13 pm March 31, 2016